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Maybe you have heard of Miyuko, you have been to Miyuko, and maybe you are our loyal customer. No matter how you know us, I sincerely thank you for choosing us and accompanying us to grow up. From Miyuko Nails, Beauty to Wellness, our store has been in the Bay Area for 10 years. I have been specializing in nail art, eyelashes, skin care, tattoos, health, etc. From products to machines, from techniques to technology, the latest and most popular on the market. Effective beauty technology, small bubbles, micro-needle, ice point hair removal, photorejuvenation, water light, HIFU technology (high-energy focused ultrasound), etc., professional techniques, combined with the latest technology, make your skin one-stop, easy Become beautiful!


With the foundation of traditional beauty, Miyuko has enough confidence to start from medical beauty and cooperate with the well-known Korean medical beauty in LA. As the first medical consultant of the Bay Area Station, you can feel the peace of mind and the peace of the United States! In addition to beauty, we have been insisting on the concept of intensive refinement inside and outside, very good use of TCM health regimen, with conditioning because of endocrine disorders, meridian blockage, liver detoxification breast lymphatic detoxification, ovarian warmth maintenance, male health prostate, waist Disc herniation, sciatic nerve, lumbar vertebrae pain, etc. +SHARON LIU (Mr. Liu), with a California medical license, using the Millennium National Treasures to pick up acupuncture and sputum, using the means of multiple diseases to improve the human microcirculation system, improve immunity, palace Cold, menopause, self-repair and restore to a good state.


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4248-18A Rosewood Dr.

Pleasanton CA 94588


TEL: 925-858-9988



39055 Cedar Blvd #133

Newark CA 94560


TEL: 669-239-9988

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TUE-SUN 11 am to 8 pm

*Last appointment 6 pm


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