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Radiant Health - Microsilk

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Hydro Serum Face Massage treatment: Radio Frequency 

This treatment is suitable for dry and mixed skin, more fine lines, dark yellow skin, lack of moisture skin, according to personal skin conditions, choose the right essential oil, use traditional beauty techniques to massage the face, moisturize the skin, promote facial blood circulation .

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Hydro Peel or Hydro Sonic Facial: Deep Clean 

It has different types of tips for easy cleaning of dead skin and blackheads. In addition to the deep exfoliation apparatus, the aging cuticle is no longer allowed to cause the skin to breathe; then the skin will not be dehydrated, dry to Oily Skin.

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Oxygen Facial

It is also called acne skin treatment. It is suitable for oily, acne, and blackheaded skin. It uses professional acne suits, professional cleaning, anti-inflammatory, calming beauty techniques, oil control, and reduction of acne.

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Collogen Facial: Radio Frequency

Collagen is suitable for wrinkle-free plain and exfoliation. This beauty uses rich collagen extracts, and Radio Frequency extracts, and beauty enhancements to reduce fine lines for facial enhancement. 

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Whitening beauty: Radio Frequency

Whitening essence and radio frequency, using traditional beauty techniques, and cream to use facial lymphatic detoxification to promote facial detoxification, cleansing pores and rubbing the essence into the skin, promoting blood circulation and increasing skin whitening.

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Lifting and Tightening: Radio frequency

Use rich oil and collagen, and radio frequency, with facial massage, focus on the corners of the eyes, cheeks, decrees, heads, etc., and then reduce the fine lines, make the skin firm and elastic.


Special Treatment

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Ultrasond Microson Treatment 

This is HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system for facial lifting by producing focal thermal coagulation points(TCPs) at the superficial musculoaponeurotic system(SMAS), deep dermis & subcutaneous adipose tissue. Microson is non-invasive, non-surgical ultrasound lifting system providing facial & body lifting effect without causing superficial damages.

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Hydro Injection facial treatment

This is machine-operated, which can be converted into fibroblasts, promotes the secretion of collagen by fibroblasts, shortens the length of collagen, increases skin elasticity, reduces slack, removes fine wrinkles, and reduces pores. This treatment is a safer beauty project. After the customer finishes, it can be used for normal skin care without affecting daily life.

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